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House Dust Mites - Athens, GA

HOUSE DUST MITES Dermatophagoides farinae PEST STATSColor:Off White - TanLegs:8Shape:Bean shapedSize:1/75th of an inchAntennae:NoRegion:Found throughout U.S.  More Sharing ServicesShare|Share... Read More »


WATER-CONDUCTING FUNGI Merulius lacrymans PEST STATSColor:Brown rot with yellowish-white mycelial fans (masses of hyphae) and white rootlike rhizomorphs (thick strands of hyphae)Legs: Shape:Varies... Read More »

Prairie Dogs - Athens, GA

PRAIRIE DOGS Cynomys ludovicianus PEST STATSColor:Prairie dogs are generally sandy brown to cinnamon in color with grizzled black tips. Their belly is light cream to white.Legs:4Shape:Prairie dogs... Read More »

Termites Poised to Put a Bite on Homes this Spring Season - Athens, GA

Termites Poised to Put a Bite on Homes this Spring Season NPMA Staff Tuesday, March 10, 2015   The National Pest Management Association advises home buyers and homeowners to be on the lookout for... Read More »

Cleaning Tips to Nix Cockroaches - Athens, GA

Cleaning Tips to Nix Cockroaches NPMA Staff Monday, February 23, 2015   The National Pest Management Association offers key methods for cockroach prevention   FAIRFAX Va. – There are few sights... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Centipedes - Athens, GA

Interesting Facts About Centipedes Missy Henriksen Wednesday, February 11, 2015   At one point or another, you've probably seen a long, flat, wormlike critter with a ton of legs scurry across the... Read More »

How to spot termites in your home - Athens, GA

Termite Identification: How to Spot Termites in Your Home Dr. Jim Fredericks Monday, February 23, 2015   Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage in the United States.... Read More »

Little Black Ants - Athens, GA

LITTLE BLACK ANTS Monomorium minimum (Buckley) PEST STATSColor:Dark brown to black; typically jet-blackLegs:SixShape:Pedicel, or ant waist, is two-segmented; Profile is unevenly rounded; thorax... Read More »

Bats - Athens, GA

BATS Various PEST STATSColor:Varies in shade from tan to blackLegs:Four legs used for crawling; Front two are used as wingsShape:Body covered with hair; Two wings and very large earsSize:Depending... Read More »

Dampwood Termites - Athens, GA

DAMPWOOD TERMITES Family Hodotermitidae PEST STATSColor:Creamy white to brownishLegs:6Shape:Long, narrow and ovalSize:1/2" - 5/8 inch longAntennae:YesRegion:Found throughout the pacific coastal and... Read More »

Wild Winter Weather Drives Pests Indoors - Athens, GA

Wild Winter Weather Drives Pests Indoors NPMA Staff Monday, January 19, 2015   The National Pest Management Association offers tips for avoiding pests in winter weather conditions   FAIRFAX Va. -... Read More »

German Cockroaches - Athens, GA

GERMAN COCKROACHES Blattella germanica (Linnaeus) PEST STATSColor:Light brown to tan, with two dark, almost parallel stripes located on their backs, just behind their... Read More »

Groundhogs - Athens, GA

GROUNDHOGS Marmota monax PEST STATSColor:Generally grizzled, brownish gray, but white and black groundhogs have been seenLegs:FourShape:compact, chunky bodies covered in fur with a short tail.... Read More »

Bats - Athens, GA

BATS Various PEST STATSColor:Varies in shade from tan to blackLegs:Four legs used for crawling; Front two are used as wingsShape:Body covered with hair; Two wings and very large earsSize:Depending... Read More »

Ghost Ants - Athens, GA

GHOST ANTS Tapinoma melanocephalum (Fabricus) PEST STATSColor:Head and thorax dark brown; abdomen and legs pale yellowish in colorLegs:SixShape:Unevenly rounded; thorax lacks spinesSize:Workers... Read More »

Fleas - Athens, GA

FLEA Siphonaptera PEST STATSColor:Dark reddish-brownLegs:6Shape:FlatSize:1/12 to 1/6-inch longAntennae:YesRegion:Found throughout U.S.Download the Flea Pest I.D. Card  More Sharing... Read More »

Kissing Bug - Athens, GA

KISSING BUG Triatoma spp. PEST STATSColor:Light brown to black; some species have red, yellow or tan markings on the abdomenLegs:6Shape:Oval and elongatedSize:Adults ½”-1” (14-24 mm)... Read More »

Pantry Pests 101 - Athens, GA

Pantry Pests 101 Dr. Jim Fredericks Thursday, December 4, 2014   A guide to identifying common stored product pests   During the holiday season, families and friends across the country gather in... Read More »

Bed Bug History - Athens GA

Bed Bugs Basics & History Bed bugs probably received their common name from their habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. Bed bugs have also been called "red coates,"... Read More »

Carpenter Bee - Athens, GA

CARPENTER BEES Xylocopa species PEST STATSColor:Yellow or blackLegs:6Shape:Oval and robustSize:1/4 - 1 inch longAntennae:YesRegion:Found throughout the U.S.Download the Carpenter Bee Pest I.D.... Read More »

House Spiders - Athens, GA

HOUSE SPIDERS Achaearanea tepidariorum PEST STATSColor:Yellowish brown, abdomen dirty white with several dark stripes meeting at angleLegs:8Shape:Elongated abdomenSize:3/16 – 5/16“ (female) 1/8... Read More »

Common Pest Control Treatment Questions - Athens, GA

How Regular Should You Treat Your House For Pests   Infinite questions crop up in a homeowner’s mind when a pest invasion takes place. How did the annoying bugs get in? Will they get away on... Read More »

How To Choose a Qualified Pest Management Company - Athens, GA

How to Choose a Qualified Pest Management Company   Deciding a professional pest control company is a vital decision. You would like the company to resolve your pest problems using environmentally... Read More »

Scorpions - Athens, GA

SCORPIONS Various PEST STATSColor:Varies in shade from yellowish brown to tanLegs:4 pairs of legs and a pair of pinchersShape:Segmented, long tail with stinger at the endSize:2-4” (20-100... Read More »

Bed Bug Management - Athens, GA

Bed Bug Best Management Practices  The resurgence of bed bugs has created significant concern in the pest management industry and in society overall. Controlling, let alone eradicating, this... Read More »

Flies - Athens, GA

Flies Fruit Flies Fruit flies get their common name from their small size and fondness of some fruits. Small fruit flies are nuisance pests, but may act as disease vectors.   Horse Flies... Read More »

There's snow place like home - What wintery weather means for pests

There’s Snow Place Like Home Dr. Jim Fredericks Thursday, January 2, 2014   What the Wintery Weather Means for Pests   Winter arrived with attitude this year. Snowstorms and cold snaps across... Read More »

Termites - Athens, GA

Termites Conehead Termites Conehead termites are an invasive species native to the Caribbean that was first introduced to the U.S. in 2001. They were originally called "tree termites," but were... Read More »

Winter Pests 101 - Athens, GA

Winter Pests 101 Missy Henriksen Thursday, January 2, 2014   Common Pests that Invade the Home During the Winter Season   When winter weather arrives, some pests go into hibernation while others... Read More »

Bed Bug Prevention - Athens, GA

Bed Bug Prevention Looking to avoid bed bugs? Bed bug prevention is a lot easier than eliminating an existing infestation. According to the 2013 Bugs Without Borders survey, bed bugs remain the... Read More »

Pest control 'smoke bombs' prompt 'false alarms' warning

Pest control 'smoke bombs' prompt 'false alarms' warningSmoke bombs are used to control pests including cluster flies A number of emergency call outs to properties being fumigated with pest control... Read More »

Pest Prevention Tips - How to have a Pest Free Year in 2015!

Prevention Tips Pests and rodents aren't simply a nuisance - they can severely affect your healthand the health of your family. This is why bug and insect prevention is critical in protecting... Read More »

Stink Bugs

STINK BUGS Halyomorpha halys PEST STATSColor:Mottled grayish-brownLegs:6Shape:Triangular or shieldSize:3/4" longAntennae:YesRegion:Found in the eastern half of the U.S., as well as California,... Read More »

How to Identify Roof Rats

ROOF RATS Rattus rattus PEST STATSColor:Brown with black intermixed; Gray, white or black undersideLegs:4Shape:Long and thin with scaly tail; large ears and eyesSize:16" total (6-8" body plus 6-8"... Read More »

What Attracts Mosquitoes and How to Repel Them

 What Attracts Mosquitoes and How to Repel Them August 23, 2014    By Dr. Mercola Summertime calls most of us to spend time outdoors, but this means we must share our space with mosquitoes.... Read More »

5 reasons to consider pest control services - Athens, GA

5 Reasons to Consider Pest Control ServicesBy Alex Jenkins Hiring a professional pest control service can have several benefits when comparing it to controlling pests such as rodents, spiders or... Read More »